Indian child raised by monkeys

An Indian girl has grown up with monkeys in India. Photo: Google Images

A young Indian girl was spotted by wood cutters in the Katarniya Ghat forest range in India, roaming naked with a group of monkeys.

It was first thought by local authorities that based on the girl’s behaviour and demeanour, she had been with the monkeys since birth, or just after.

It has since been established that there are developmental disabilities present, both psychological and physical. These aspects have led the doctors to believe she may have been dumped in the forest and become friendly with the monkeys only recently, due to her natural non-threatening behaviour towards them.

Initially, the local police were alerted and tried to rescue her, but were chased away by the monkeys.

The girl was noted as being very comfortable and at home with the group of monkeys, which initially suggested that she may have grown up with them for some years. Her speech was lacking, she was quite emaciated, behaving in an animalistic manner – she didn’t walk upright preferring instead to run on her arms and legs.

On a second attempt to rescue her, a policeman managed to catch the girl – was attacked by the monkeys – but managed to speed away with the monkeys giving chase.

The girl was assessed at a hospital in Bahraich, northern India, and found to want to eat off the floor and behave in a monkey-like manner. At this point in time, the parents are unknown.

After treatment, her behaviour started changing quite quickly, and she started to walk upright and eat with her hands, instead of off the floor. These fast changes in her behaviour led doctors to reassess her on a disabled basis.

She will be transferred to a home for juveniles until family come forward and identify her.

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