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Power Rangers, a kiwi success

Power Rangers are filming this week in Aotea Square, Auckland.

Thanks to the release of the big budget Power Rangers film, the TV series is now solidly in focus.

The New Zealand arm of the Power Rangers TV series is based in Glen Eden, behind an innocuous street front which hides a studio akin to an army hard-core training set-up. This is backed by a team with some serious CGI skill to give an overlay of visual acrobatics in-line with the Power Rangers story.

They are also working out of a purpose-built studio in Helensville and the forecourt of the QBE stadium on the North Shore.

The trailers so far indicate Power Rangers is like the Matrix crossed with Transformers and set in small town USA.

The Power Rangers debuted in 1993, with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. They have gone from strength to strength, and as of 2001 have generated $6 billion in retail sales worldwide.

With the current Power Rangers being:

William Shewfelt playing Brody Romero, the Ninja Steel Red Ranger.

Nico Greetham playing Calvin Maxwell, the Ninja Steel Yellow Ranger.

Zoe Robins playing Hayley Foster, the Ninja Steel White Ranger

Peter Sudarso playing Preston Tien, the Ninja Steel Blue Ranger

Chrysti Ane playing Sarah Thompson, the Ninja Steel Pink Ranger

and Jordi Webber as Levi Weston, the Ninja Steel Gold Ranger

The plot of series 14 is based around Galanax, he is the reigning champion of an intergalactic game show called Galaxy Warriors. For Galanax to go from being the reigning champion to the invincible champion, he must secure a mythical object called Ninja Nexas Prism – this prism contains six supernatural Ninja Power Stars.

The Ninja Nexus Prism is currently in the care of teenage Power Rangers from the city of Summer Cove, they currently possess the Ninja Power Stars.

As the reigning champion, Galanax sends his warrior contestants to earth to steal the prism, each epic battle is then broadcast throughout the whole universe.

The six Power Rangers must between them, master their Power Stars, along with the Mega Morph Cycles – and the Zords which are made of a legendary Ninja Steel – this is in order to stop the evil threat from destroying Earth.

Watch: Power Rangers trailer

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