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Chinese Military On High Alert Over North Korea

The Chinese military is on nationwide alert, as North Korea’s taunting missile threats continue.

This comes after China sent a warning to North Korea, bluntly asking for them to not conduct any missile or nuclear tests – otherwise, consequences from the US military will be faced.

According to Taiwan’s China Post, the Chinese government is said to have possibly deployed about 150,000 troops along the North Korean border on Sunday – whilst about 25,000 troops of the Chinese military have been told to be ready to move long distances, close to the North Korean border.

The Chinese military is ready to move into the North Korean border. Photo: Wikicommons

It is said that other groups may have also been mobilised, but both China and the US have pushed back on all of these claims.

North Korea have sparked fear that they may conduct another nuclear test this weekend, but the US has clearly broadcasted that nuclear testing in the Korean peninsula will not be tolerated.

The Global Times recently issued an editorial stating that China would certainly send out troops if military conflict is sparked on the peninsula.

The editorial has since been removed from state websites, according to multiple sources.


Claudia Cranch
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