Movie Review: The Boss Baby

The Boss Baby. Photo by Dreamworks Animations

The Boss Baby is an animated family film featuring Alec Baldwin. The movie is set in modern day and follows the adventures of a baby who is a secret agent and his seven-year-old brother.

There is one thing that stood out for me with this kiddie movie; it is about the Boss Baby‘s hidden message. I like how they showed it’s okay if your parents show just a little bit more attention to one of their kids.

It’s kind of like my family. My younger son whose got autism gets more attention than his neurotypical older sister. It doesn’t mean that I love her any less, it’s just his brother requires more attention because of his condition.

It’s just the same as having a baby in the family more attention is required to the baby because of its needs, and that’s what this movie is about – with its funny twist.

I also like the movie’s funny bits, the intentional funny bits and just random things that are so hilarious that saves me from having wrinkles this week I should say. I’ve laughed enough.

The back story might be a bit strange but other than that I couldn’t find anything much to dislike.

Overall The Boss Baby is a great family movie with some hidden lessons for kids, and I would recommend it to parents to watch it with their kids.

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