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My Husband, the Lineman

In America, they celebrated April 18 as National Lineman Appreciation Day, but here in New Zealand, they didn’t recognise it because they say it’s already part of Labour Day.

In line with this celebration my husband, Warren is a lineman and has been one for over ten years. A lineman is an electrician who is trained to install, maintain and repair the high-power transmission and distribution lines and systems that deliver electric power from the generating source to the end user.

Warren has been restoring and fixing power to the New Zealand community since 2006. He started with Counties Power in rural Pukekohe and spent five years over there and move to Electrix in the North Shore where he is still currently connected since 2013.

He had to travel across Auckland’s rural area and the city central on stormy nights to do his job. He clearly loves his job. He said he gets the best view in his office at the top of the power pole. Who can beat that view? None I guess.

When you became a lineman’s wife, you understood the real meaning of patience. It is not just a virtue but a lifestyle. The weather segment of the news is your new favourite part of the news. You follow power cuts and try not to ring the phone and say “darling, when will you be home?”

You become thankful for time together on holidays knowing that one of the workmates could be missing his time with his family. You try not to worry despite knowing the risky job he has. You learn to trust that his lineman family is looking after him.

As a special recognition to all the Lineman in New Zealand who brave whatever weather conditions just to restore power in the community, hence I am writing this tribute story.

Linemen in New Zealand work with 1100 or 3300 volts of electricity high atop power poles, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to keep New Zealand electricity flowing.

So if your house got power today thank a lineman for doing his job well. I just did.

Judith Carba
Kia Ora. Passionate wannabe entertainment writer. Loves retail therapy, food and fashion. Motherhood 101, hailing from Cebu, Philippines but living my life with my young family to the fullest in the city of sails.
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