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5 reasons why I love living on the North Shore

I have been living on the North Shore for almost five years.

The North Shore comprises a large suburban area to the north of downtown Auckland; linked to the rest of the greater Auckland metropolitan area by the Harbour Bridge.

Here are my five reasons why I love living in this suburb:

Northcote Towncenter. Photo by Google

1) Northcote Town Centre is a multi-cultural town centre, where I can buy foods from all over the world. If I fancy a pinch of saffron for my Spanish paella, I can get it at the tofu shop at the heart of the town.

And if I crave Filipino delicacies I can easily buy them at the Taiping Asian Supermarket. If I don’t have time to cook, Real Fresh Fish and Chips serve some of the best fish and chips.

Takapuna Beach. Photo by Google

2) Takapuna Beach. It’s one of the most popular beaches on the North shore. I love going there and walking on the beach. During summer we go for a quick swim with the kids, but all year round I love catching up with friends from time to time for a chat at a coffee shop nearby.

Takapuna is that famous with locals and tourist that you can just spot a Kiwi or an international celebrity having a coffee at Starbucks or queuing for a fruit juice at Tank juice bar or shopping at taka’s famous department store.

Onepoto Domain. Photo by Google

3) Onepoto Domain. Onepoto Domain is a winner for me and probably the kids too. It’s my mindfulness place. If I feel blue, bothered, bewildered or miss my family, I go for a walk to Onepoto Domain.

I love its natural landscape, the trees, the lake, the tall grasses, the playground, and I can even see the Sky Tower and the Harbour Bridge. The view is breathtaking, especially on a beautiful summers day.

Mt. Victoria Lookout. Photo by Google

4) Mount Victoria Lookout, Devonport. Mt. Victoria is a must visit if you happen to be in the Northshore area. Every time we have friends or family over from outside Auckland or overseas, we take them to Mt. Victoria. They always say the view on top is amazing.

Birkenhead Library and Civic Centre, Auckland, NZ. Photo by Google

5) Birkenhead Library. It’s the library with the best view, and it’s the first public library that’s been operating on the North Shore since 1949. I love coming to Birkenhead Library alone or with my kids.

Aside from the free Wi-Fi, children’s programmes and heaps of books, the library also has study spaces, meeting rooms and a Council office.

They say there are 55 Auckland libraries, but my favourite is Birkenhead’s.

Judith Carba
Kia Ora. Passionate wannabe entertainment writer. Loves retail therapy, food and fashion. Motherhood 101, hailing from Cebu, Philippines but living my life with my young family to the fullest in the city of sails.
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