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Movie Review: Moana

Moana is a family film set in a small Polynesian island and the Pacific ocean.

Some things I enjoyed about the movie while watching it with my kids is the flow of the movie and how the scene transitions were quite smooth.

I enjoyed also watching the graphics. I liked how the water, the characters’ hair, and the islands and everything animated uniquely.

I don’t really like musicals that much. The songs were kind of annoying. But luckily in Moana, the songs helped move the story forward. And they weren’t just randomly singing for no reason. So it wasn’t so bad after all.

Overall, I liked the movie. Disney adds a unique princess to their pretty princesses category with something to celebrate. It’s a different scenario to what they always project and this time there was not even a prince charming. So it’s a different story but not less.

It’s also sending a strong message about what we can all do for our family, for our culture, and for humanity in a subtle way.

I would recommend this movie to anyone with kids or kids at heart and to anyone who’s a fan of musicals and likes to sing along. And also to those who are interested in legends, myths and folktale that kinda thing.

Watch the Moana trailer:

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