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Buy on Trade Me, smartly

I have not used Trade Me to purchase anything for a long time – my wife does most of it. That all changed last month when I purchased a motorbike via Trade Me.

Trade Me, still the place for a great deal. Even when you use it as a search site rather than as a direct purchase site.

My trusty old steed, a Kawasaki GPX was close breaking down after being bandaged together for many years. Our mechanic said, fix it or retire it. So, time to retire it.

Trawling through Trade Me within my cost and C.C. filters over the following week brought up the usual fair, mostly motorbikes that were hammered, over-priced or just too far away.

Early Sunday afternoon, the house was quiet, children were out, I gave it another go. Trade Me undisturbed.

Suddenly, there it was. At first, I thought it was a typo: 2002 Suzuki RF400 with less than 10,000k starting price $1,750? Freshly listed with no bids! A virgin auction! I checked its specs on Wikipedia; they gave it the thumbs up.

I was so excited. I wanted to race up to where the listing was in Snells Beach and grab it, somehow…! No, I chose to keep it cool. I Sent the listing contact a request with my phone number to call me back. He replied quite quickly. We had a good talk, found out the bikes and owners back history, which was a classic old couple fastidious about their bikes and their care.

Now, knowing Trade Me’s T&C’s, I asked him not to accept any other offers until I had viewed it. He agreed.

My Wife then reminded my that that would not work! As soon as a bid was placed, the auction was duty bound to roll through to a sale. I quickly phoned him back and updated him on this one point and asked him to pull the bid entirely. I offered to re-reimburse him for the penalty fee for early withdrawal. He agreed and did it, and organised a personal inspection time in a couple of days.

An anxious wait of two days followed, was it a lemon? Was it seized up with such low usage? Would I have to spend a lot getting it road-worthy?

Finally, I rode up to his place in Snells Beach area, the bike was in the garage in showroom quality, totally mint!

I made the pre-inspection purchase through the local motorbike shop immediately, went back and negotiated a deal that we could both work with, did the ownership changes on-line, there and then, and rode it away!

So thanks to Trade Me regularly updating their methods. They are freeing people up to be flexible with purchasing larger ticket items, like my near new motorbike, by being an awareness site also. Thanks Trade Me.

Dave Varley
Hi. As a Kiwi guy, I am passionate about life with my wife and daughter in West Auckland. I am a proud Westie who's learning all things radio and journalism! Lovin' it, too!
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