Review: Doctor P in Auckland 2017

Doctor P's first appearance in New Zealand seemed promising. Photo: Allevents

When I heard the news that my favourite childhood DJ Doctor P was touching down in Auckland, I snatched up a $25 ticket quicker than I could even express my excitement.

Doctor P was the staple of dubstep music in the early 2010s, and my preteen self idolised this man like a god. He’s been in the industry for longer than most and still has his magic spark.

The show was held at Studio The Venue in Auckland’s CBD – which was very obviously over capacity, but it didn’t seem like an issue at the beginning of the night.

It was actually great at the start of his set, the crowd was super happy that this legend had finally decided to visit little old Auckland and the vibes were good all around.

Thirty-one-year-old Shaun Brockhurst (Doctor P) still knows how to wow the crowds. Photo: Supplied

Being a cunning and knowledgeable concert attendee, my friends and I managed to ween our way to the front of the crowd – who had already begun losing their minds when Doctor P played his first song.

The one thing I forgot to remember is that people who frequent dubstep gigs can actually be rather… aggressive, to say the least. As somebody that usually goes to concerts with performers of more mellow genres, it completely slipped my mind that I was in danger of being trampled all night long.

My worst fears came true: as Doctor P began playing one of his most popular songs, the crowd around me started slamming around and crashing into their nearest victims with zero mercy.

UKF Music brought Doctor P his fame back in 2009. Photo: YouTube

I managed to escape with only a few large bruises on my legs, but my boyfriend didn’t get so lucky – his $600 glasses were destroyed by a large character who decided that choke slamming him was a funny idea.

With my ears still ringing and my boyfriend being basically blind, we had to leave after only half an hour or so because of how injured we were getting.

I’m not exactly the toughest person alive, but I don’t really appreciate being thrown around like a toy at concerts. I was extremely disappointed that my childhood dreams were crushed along with those glasses, and I don’t think I’ll be so inclined to attend a dubstep gig like this again.

Sorry Doctor P.

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