Review: Beauty and The Beast

Beauty And The Beast stars Emma Watson. Photo: Supplied
Beauty And The Beast stars Emma Watson. Photo: Supplied

Release date: March 30, 2017.

Director: Bill Condon.

Actors: Emma Watson (Belle) and Dan Stevens (The Beast).

‘Once upon a time in a hidden heart of France, a handsome young prince lived in a beautiful castle. Although he had everything his heart desired, the prince was selfish and unkind….’

“Once upon a time…” is the opening line of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, an all-time classic favourite appealing to all age groups.

Beauty and the Beast is a moving, musical, live action movie fashioned with new characters and songs to accommodate a contemporary audience.

‘How could you be so cold hearted, you won’t allow a daughter to kiss her father goodbye. Forever can spare a minute.’

Belle (Emma Watson) is a beautiful young, strong-minded woman, who is faced with making heartfelt decisions to save love. Love for her father (Kevin Kline) and love for the Beast (Dan Stevens).

‘As a gift, she offered the prince a single rose, repulsed of her haggled appearance the prince sends the woman away, but she warned him not to be deceived by appearance For beauty is found within.’

Belle finds peace and harmony as she gets to know the Beast. Could her love for the Beast be strong enough to break the curse before the last rose petal drops? Belle’s love is tested as she is freed by the Beast to help her father who is caught in captivity of the villagers.

‘You must forgive first impressions…’

Taken aback by the hideous appearance of the Beast, Belle, whose wish was to teach another to read, is judged by the villagers who see Belle as being a weird girl. Although different from them, her first encounter with the Beast is set in a similar scene and mindset as the villagers.

Belle befriends the castle’s enchanted staff who have been cursed with a spell set upon the Beast and all who resided in the castle by the old haggled woman. Belle learns to look beyond the Beast’s outer appearance and finds the kind and gentle person he really is.

I will watch this movie again but in the presence of my own company, and without interruptions.

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