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Stan Walker’s brother to appear on The Voice

Australian Idol winner Stan Walker’s older brother, Russ Walker, is all set to appear on Sunday’s episode of The Voice.

Walker, 31, is the father of two daughters and will appear on the Australian Channel 9 reality TV sing-off when blind auditions continue on Sunday.

“My brother’s been trying to get me to (go on The Voice) for years but I didn’t want to do it because he’s my brother and people will say you’re doing it because of him,” said Walker.

As a singer, Walker’s credentials are well established.

He has been performing in church for a long time but only started gigging six years ago.

In the past, he has done some gigs with his brother Stan in New Zealand, including one in front of 100,000 people on Waitangi Day.

Stan Walker who shot to fame after winning Australian Idol back in 2009, has gone on to have a long and successful career since wowing judges during the talent competition. He has also worked as a judge on X Factor New Zealand for two years.

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