TV Show recap: The Real Housewives of Sydney

Real Housewives of Sydney. Photo: TV Deets

The Real Housewives of Sydney (RHOS) burst onto New Zealand TV screen last week.

The show is a bit bigger and nastier than its Auckland counterpart. During the first episode, there was a lot of bitching and a massive fight – which leaves me thinking where the show is heading next.

But first, let me tell you who are the seven glamorous women behind The Real Housewives of Sydney:



Housewife 1: Krissy Marsh, who lives in Double Bay. Krissy runs a successful real estate agency and is a former model and actress as well.
Housewife tagline” “When you’re comfortable in your own skin, you get under someone else’s.”



Housewife 2: Victoria Rees, lives in Bondi Beach. She’s a skin care entrepreneur. She’s twice divorced.
Housewife tagline: “My point of view isn’t the only one but it’s clearly the best.”




Housewife 3: Nicole Oniel lives in Bellevue Hill. Former Miss Australia 2001 and admits she hails from a wealthy clan.
Housewife tagline: “Beauty queens can more than handle drama queens.”







Housewife 4: Matty Samaei, lives in Double Bay. She’s a beauty therapist and runs her own beauty clinic. She’s an enthusiastic sampler of her own wares. She’s rumored to have had $26,000 worth of cosmetic work.
Housewife tagline: “My lips may be fake but they always speak the truth.”






Housewife 5: Liza Oldfield, she’s a businesswoman and a politician’s wife. Liza’s not like other girls. Other girls have dogs or cats as pets, Liza has Shelley, a 10-foot python.
Housewife tagline: “Brains and beauty are my weapons of choice.”







Housewife 6: Athena X Levendi, She’s a jewellery designer and lives in Bellevue Hill. She and her husband run a high-end jewellery store. She considers herself spiritual.
Housewife tagline: “The Athena X of today took lifetimes to create.”





Housewife 7: Mellisa Tkautz. She is a pop star and actress. She lives on the Northern beaches. She’s addicted to shoes and admits she’s a terrible cook.
Housewife tagline: “The hardest role I ever play is just being me.”





There it is, the complete line-up of the first Real Housewives Of Sydney.

The pilot episode is a whole lot of bitching and probably the second one will be a whole lot more. Wrapping it up against Auckland’s counterpart I should say, The Real Housewives Of Sydney is more mayhem and attitude.

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