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Chocolate Fish Racing take on The Woodhill 100

The Woodhill 100 is always a highly talked about off-road racing event.

With it being run for 37 years, the entry list is always different with all sorts of people coming out of the woodwork just to compete. Seventy-six people have so far entered the prestigious event, with up and coming racer Jarrod Marwood being on of them.

Marwood isn’t new to the racing scene; he’s been racing up quite a storm recently at different events, so his competitors in class 3 know to watch out.

This is Marwood’s second time racing at the Woodhill 100, but his first time with the, as he says, a “car running the best it ever has”. And to say he’s excited would be an understatement.

The car has recently undergone a ‘birthday’ and been upgraded with a 5-speed sequential gearbox.

Marwood says: “After a successful test/running in of our new gearbox in #367… I was a little nervous going into it…… But what a difference it made completely different to drive and handles so much better (few little mods) and most importantly, goes a lot quicker!”

Jarrod Marwood in #367. Photo: Ian Witheford

Marwood is just one out of the four Chocolate Fish Racing members competing this coming weekend in the Woodhill 100.

Tyler Castle in #521 is racing in his class 5 buggy, Campbell Witheford in #C75 racing in his Challenger class VDub, and Dyson Delahunty in #U87 racing in his Polaris RZR, making up the Chocolate Fish Racing team.

Tyler Castle in #521. Photo: Ian Witheford

Campbell Witheford in #C75. Photo: Ian Witheford

Castle, Witheford and Delahunty have their own talents and have their own achievements within off road racing.

Castle won the Counties Classic Series in 2016 and first in the North Island for class 5 in 2016. Witheford was second in the country during the 2015 racing season and defended the title throughout the 2016 season. Delahunty was 8th in the New Zealand Championship in 2015, placed 5th overall in the NZ 1000 enduro and has previously been placed 7th overall in the 2015 Woodhill 100.

All four of these drivers will be ones to look out for during this weekend’s racing. All will be going for class placings to go towards national points but will also be trying for overall placings, and based on their previous results and placings; they definitely have the capability of achieving just that.

Event: The Woodhill 100.

Saturday, June 3. Gates open at 8 am with sprints from 8:30 am. Sunday, June 4. Gates open 7 am, with the race starting at 11 am.

Entry to the forest is via the Muriwai township, Coast Road.

Caitlin Houghton
Caitlin Houghton is an aspiring journalism student at the NZ Radio Training School. She is often found scrolling the internet prying on the unknown eye.
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