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There is not just one President of the USA

Staying in the music game is hard enough. Being around for 23 years definitely would be difficult.

For fun time band The Presidents of the United States of America, they achieved just that.

The band formed in late 1993 by bassist and vocalist Chris Ballew and guitarist and vocalist Dave Dederer. The pair met during their education days at The Bush School in Seattle. The duo played a few shows in early 1993 under different band names before deciding on The Presidents of the United States of America. With the band name set in stone, Jason Finn the drummer stepped onto the scene.

In 1994, during a day at Laundry Room Studios, they recorded a ten-song cassette Froggystyle, which they would then sell at their shows. From that moment forward the band went on to getting signed to record labels, losing and gaining members, breaking up and reforming then breaking up again, and releasing albums.

The band released six studio albums, three compilation albums, and one live album. They had a number of big hits including Peaches, Lump, Dune Buggy and Kitty.

The announced that they were dissolving as a band for good on the 16th of November 2016.

Video: Kitty (My favourite)

Video: Dune Buggy

Video: Peaches

Video: Lump

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