Opinion: Does Education Influence Financial Stress?

Debt can appear anywhere at any given time. Education debt lingers for many years after the fact

Education is important. You need education to be successful. You have to go to school to get an education. Do any of these sound familiar? It is drummed into our ears from the day we start going to school.

A new year, new journeys begin, plans begin for a brighter future, thoughts of how one can create a better and brighter future for generations to come. This year I sat with my daughter and son as we looked at opportunities to try and alleviate some of the financial stress that can be bestowed upon them to create a better future for their future generations.

My daughter is studying sports leadership and my son is studying engineering. I was so gobsmacked when they told me how much their course fees were. Two thousand dollars for one and $6,000 for the other. As we went through one of the applications I realised that there may be so many people struggling due to the financial stress associated with paying for education. Can this financial burden really have an impact on how successful you can be?

A question was posed in the application that read: One of Trusts key principle is to build capability of our people through positive support and encouragement, how do you think the
Trust can best contribute to this principle and how can you contribute to this principle? Interesting patai I must say. There are many avenues to alleviate the stress of course fees whether instantly or later on life but are these avenues really alleviating the financial stress or burden for a student to be successful? What about those who are not financially capable of paying such fees.


So, does education influence financial stress? Let us look at the different avenues

Student Loan

Offered via Study Link can alleviate the course fees which yo don’t need to pay until later on in life when you start working. In the meantime, you are faced with studying to achieve your tohu but the debt still remains possibly gaining interest as well (FINANCIAL STRESS AFTER THE FACT) whether you complete it or not that debt still remains.

Personal Loans

So let’s be honest, how many individuals who have just finished high school have 6 thousand dollars to pay for course fees outright! I know I certainly didn’t so what would one do? Create a personal loan whether it be from whanau, bank or a lending company who has high interest, outrageous repayment solutions. (FINANCIAL STRESS DURING THE COURSE PROCESS).

Land Trust Educational Grants

One of the more feasible options or benefits to help alleviate financial stress so one is able to create better results and achieve success. These land grants don’t incur interest rates and you are not required to pay it back. But not everyone is privileged to have this option. (FINANCIAL STRESS PARTIALLY ALLEVIATED)

In work education

Currently employed and studying Diploma in Radio Journalism, I am fortunate that this course has been offered to us in our work profession with no course fees. An opportunity that not many are exposed to thanks to the relationship of some educational institutions and government agencies. But the challenges are still similar. Juggling work, family, and studying seems harder than studying in a classroom environment (but that is another kaupapa on its own)


In summary education and success do these go hand in hand or is it fair for us to say that to be successful you must have an education or is the success an act of one’s will power to succeed despite the financial burdens. Can we conclude and say that education does influence financial burden because we want to be successful. But after all of this financial burden and education, we are still not guaranteed success, we are still not guaranteed a job in our chosen career.