Movie Review: Cars 3

Lightning McQueen in Cars 3. Photo: Google

Cars 3 is the third instalment in the movie franchise.

If you liked the first two movies, you are bound to enjoy this one.

Cars 3 is almost like a continuation from the first movie, just a couple of years later. Lightning McQueen has reached the top of his game but now as the younger cars are coming through, McQueen is struggling to keep up.

McQueen, who wants to prove that he is still the best, enlists the help of a personal trainer Cruz Ramirez. Ramirez, who knows all about the newer technology make of cars, sets the challenge of trying to train McQueen.

The third instalment is also a tribute to the Fabulous Hudson Hornet. As we know he died in the time spent between the first and second movies. During the third instalment, McQueen is struggling for some inspiration and just wishes he could talk to Doc one last time. With that dream in mind, he sets out to find the one person who taught the Fabulous Hudson Hornet all he knew.

Cars 3 is a kids movie but as I sat there in the movie theatre, there was an adult couple just along from me. The way that the story was told was in a way that if you were five, ten or sixteen you could understand the third movie without having to watch the original. And by counting the number of adults that were in the theatre, you could tell that the franchise has made an impact on not just the kids.

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