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Movie Review: McLaren

When you mention the name McLaren most people will immediately think of the car brand McLaren. But how many know the name, Bruce Mclaren?

The documentary McLaren sheds light on what McLaren’s life was like and how he got to be the household name he is today.

McLaren was a racing car legend. He raced Formula One and Two, he founded the Formula One racing team Mclaren and founded McLaren Automotive.

Most of the film is made up of interviews with his friends, his workmates, his teammates, his wife and his family. Each person has their own thoughts about McLaren but they all say the same things:

“We all spoke his language and we were all totally dedicated to him”

“He was always one of us”

McLaren is described as the type of leader that would do the work alongside you. He would never just stand there and expect you to do it all on your own. He had a dream and a goal and he wasn’t just going to sit there and watch time tick by.

Throughout the film, it shows how rewarding it is when you start achieving your goal. McLaren, at just 22 years old,  he became the youngest ever Grand Prix winner.

McLaren meant a lot to a lot of people because when they describe his death and thought back to that day, just watching them tear and choke up made me realise what type of person McLaren really was.

McLaren is a film that gets you thinking. The racing car legend used to send home voice recordings for his family informing them of what was going on with the team. This makes you want to whip out your phone and record everything because you never know what you or someone else is going to do with their lives and what legacy they are going to leave behind.

I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone” – Bruce McLaren

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