Interview: The importance of learning to swim

Swim instructor Denise Henderson on the importance of learning to swim. Photo: Google Images

With 11,000 kilometres of coastlines and 3,820 lakes and backyard swimming pools dotted across the country, New Zealanders have access to their fair share of water. But it isn’t just our beaches and summers by the pool that make water so well-known –  New Zealand has the third highest drowning rate in the world.

According to, half of all 10-year-old children can’t swim 25 metres, and 25 percent of them can’t even keep afloat.

I met with Denise Henderson, mother of two and swimming instructor, who has been teaching children up to the age of five for over five years. She discusses the importance of learning to swim, what motivated her to learn to swim and the life-changing situation which made her want to teach others how to swim.

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