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Review: Urzila Carlson

Urzila Carlson performed her show Studies Have Shown at the SkyCity Theatre in Auckland this week.

South African-born New Zealander Urzila took to the stage for the first time in 2008. She also has appearances on NZ TV shows such as 7 Days, The Project and the comedy galas.

Urzila is a top Australasian comedian with an impressive array of awards for her stand-up comedy, including ‘Best Female Comedian’ at the New Zealand Comedy Guild Awards several times and a TV3 Peoples Choice award at the New Zealand International Comedy Festival.

Urzila took the stage as if she owned it; she made it her own within the first five minutes of her show. Her show was definitely unique, from Auckland transport issues to the age-old Vogel debate – she was very entertaining.

She calls herself a New Zealander, and in my eyes, she definitely is one. She starts off her show with how the price of parking at SkyCity is more than our actual ticket price to see her. She also talks about the issues around Auckland transport and roads.

A highlight for me was when she touched on very controversial topics – which were very interesting. Bringing up vaccines sparked a lot of talk from the audience. I commend her on touching on this because it is so controversial. So controversial that a few people from the audience even got up and left.

For me there definitely were no lowlights, she is loud and proud and says it how it is. She is a lesbian, and there is no hiding it. My stomach hurt from laughing so hard.

She made the whole audience laugh. She really does have a way with words and is definitely a must-see.

Lauren Harvey
Trying to keep the tongue in the mouth and on the paper.
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