What Happens In An Internet Minute

The internet. Photo: Google Images

A lot of things happen on the internet throughout the day. People are posting on Facebook, commenting on your post on Instagram or tweeting about their new favourite song on Twitter.

But what happens in 60 seconds on the internet?

According to the New Zealand Herald, during that 60 seconds, there are 452,000 tweets on Twitter,

  • 900,000 Facebook logins
  • 46,200 posts on Instagram

3.5 million Google searches,

4.1 million views on YouTube,

15,000 GIFs sent on Facebook Messenger,

990,000 swipes on Tinder,

156 million Emails sent,

40,000 hours listened on Spotify,

70,017 hours watched on Netflix,

And 1.8 million snaps sent on Snapchat.

Looking at those statistics, it is clear that a lot of people spend time on the internet each and every day.

Social media gets a lot of attention with just in 60 seconds over 1.8 million people are using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Caitlin Houghton
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