New Zealand’s First ‘Smart Playground’ Opens

New Zealand's first "smart playground". Image: Google Images

Levi Park in Rolleston, south of Christchurch, has become the home to New Zealand’s first ‘smart’ playground, according to

Playground developers have installed an augmented reality smartphone game at the park, which parents scan to activate games based on imaginary scenarios for their children to enjoy.

The technology, which is on a 90-day trial, aims to be a mix between digital and physical play.

Sales manager Daniel Timmins said the games were designed to get children to play for a longer period of time and be more active while playing. He said the technology aspect was not “designed to take over or become the main focus”.

“If people really understood what it was about and what it was doing, then I think the vast majority would think its a great idea.”

A District Council spokesman said that the playground cost almost $1500 to install, but possible future costs had not been finalised as they had not committed beyond the trial period.


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