Preloading party-goers face predicament

Two thirds of kiwi pre-loaders are consuming alcohol before arriving at bars or nightclubs. Photo: Google Images

Are Kiwis drinking too much?

A recent study shows at least two thirds (78.7 percent) of New Zealanders who took part in the Global Drug Survey said they consume alcohol before arriving at bars or nightclubs, and 14.9 percent said they use drugs, according to 

The Global Drug Survey was carried out in 25 countries, including New Zealand. A fifth of those surveyed admitted to preloading before going out and would attempt to drink more once they are out.

A 19-year-old partygoer who often attends nights out on the town, Emma Jones, says, “if I’m going out, I intend on getting drunk. It’s the weekend, and I want to have a good time. Alcohol in bars and clubs is so expensive, which is why I mainly pre-drink.”

The findings show that many New Zealanders do have problems with excessive drinking. Almost a third (32.4 percent) of those surveyed wanted to cut back on alcohol, but just 4.9% had plans to seek help doing so. In New Zealand, it’s estimated that between 600 and 1000 people die each year from alcohol-related causes, according to

While most New Zealanders enjoy alcohol in moderation, there are adverse health and social consequences associated with drinking which includes hospital admissions, deaths, assaults, and vehicle accidents.

Blake Henderson, bartender at Impala, one of Auckland’s most successful bar/nightclubs says “every night we are open, people come into our bar way too intoxicated. They just don’t know their limits so put themselves at major risk. It’s scary to watch, and I just wish they would learn their lesson.”

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