Review: L’Oreal Paris Colorista Launch Party

A couple of colours from the new range. Image by Amy Henderson

Do you ever want to change-up your hair colour without committing to a something which may end up in deep regret?

Recently I was lucky enough to be invited by L’Oreal Paris to attend their Colorista Launch Party in central Auckland to get glam with the L’Oreal girls and learn a thing or two about their new range and breakthrough design of hair colouring.

Colorista is a semi-permanent hair colouring range born on social media and inspired by the biggest digital influencers of the day, according to L’Oreal Paris. Its primary focus is to give hair colours a ‘shake-up’ by introducing a new range of colours. From crazy pastel blues and purples to bright pinks and greens, this new range is designed to allow these colours to be achieved at home without the commitment of bleaching or permanently dying your luscious locks. You can now go bold and bright from the comfort of your own home.

I was prepared for a very glamorous night, and my expectations did not disappoint. As soon as I walked in, I was instantly greeted and handed a glass of champagne – being the avid wine drinker I am, I was very pleased upon arrival and knew I was in for a great night.

Soon after, I was whisked away by a L’Oreal hairstylist who was wanting to test out the Colorista range on my brunette, almost black thick hair that I was blessed with – a great perk for me being of Portuguese descent. To my surprise around 10 minutes later, I spun around and checked myself out in the mirror behind me to see that I now had pink ombréd hair and looked as magical as ever while entirely in shock that the product used worked so well on such stubborn dark hair like my own.

The night continued with multiple glasses of wine, a fantastic fashion show from PIA boutique clothing and boogying the night away to a live set by one of my personal favourite kiwi Electronic Dance Music artists, Sachi. I walked out with a goody bag filled with L’Oreal essentials and beautiful hair after a great night, a win-win situation.

With a price tag ranging from $9.99-17.99, I am pleased to say that the L’Oreal Colorista range works fantastic on a variety of hair colours.

Amy Henderson
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