Spray tanning on the rise

Sun beds are recognised as very harmful for skin health. Image: Google Images

Spray tanning in New Zealand has increased as more and more people are becoming aware of the health warnings involved.

According to the Ministry of Health, “sunbeds expose users to higher levels of dangerous UV radiation than the sun as they increase your risk of melanoma and other skin cancers.” The increased rate of melanoma accounts for 80 percent of all skin cancer deaths in New Zealand, as over 4000 people are diagnosed with melanoma every year in New Zealand – that’s around 11 every day.

Denise Henderson, who previously used sunbeds, but now spray tans, says that sun bedding to achieve tan skin is not worth the risks. “I used to sunbed for 20 minutes every few days. It’s so bad for you, why would you choose to increase the risk of melanoma skin cancer by sun bedding when you can get a fake tan which is completely safe and skin friendly?” she says.

At most sun bed clinics they now state that under 18-year-olds are not allowed to use the sunbeds without a medical practitioner’s signed request. They also do not allow any exceptions to this rule. This a considerable leap in the right direction to making people aware of the dangers that sunbeds have on our skin.

Currently, the Health (Protection) Amendment Bill is progressing through New Zealand’s Parliament. This bill aims to have sunbeds banned in New Zealand for those under 18, eventually hoping to ban the tanning method all together as it is a large contributor to the risk of skin cancers.

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