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The new, sleek, Google machine

The Google Pixelbook is a Chromebook, but with a twist.

The Pixel Chromebook comes with some decent battery-life, and you can expect about 10 hours of combined use such as browsing the web and playing some games (Apps).

This is a great machine for education. With the growth of programs such as Google Drive, getting a Pixelbook is a viable solution for schools to limit the use of distractions and optimise the growth in using technology for educational purposes.

Due to the Pixel being a Chromebook it lacks the wide variety of desktop apps. However, the Pixelbook is unique in being the first Chromebook to be able to take full advantage of Android applications; not limiting it to just using the chrome store.

Google has implemented ‘Google Assistant’ which is similar to Siri, but Google Assistant is unique where it uses the technology from the Pixel Pen. The unique feature is if you circle keywords, pictures and phrases, Google Assistant will find info based on what you circled.

Companies such as Microsoft and Adobe are implementing their software to be more user-friendly for the Pixelbook and hopefully, this will spur people to go and buy the Pixelbook.

Price will vary from $1450 to $2400. With the lower end price-tag, you get an Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB of RAM, 128 GB of storage, a 1440p screen resolution, backlit keyboard, 2 USB C ports and a headphone jack.

With such a high price tag it comes with high-quality materials. The laptop is built with brushed aluminium and the top quarter is plastic covered in glass for the wifi signal, and the armrests are covered in “advanced Silicon” Google claims.

The pen has the same build quality however it is a let down that it’s a $143 extra but paired up with the 360 hinge for the screen it is a must-have accessory to get the full experience of the new and improved version of the Chromebook that is the Pixelbook.

VIDEO: Showcasing Google Pixelbook and how powerful it is

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