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Fozzy rock with solid new album

American hard rock/heavy metal group Fozzy have recently released their newest album Judas.

We were given a taste of what was to come when Fozzy released their single of the same name Judas back in May of this year.

Fozzy has been around since 1999, starting out mainly as a covers band and released two albums. First was a self-titled debut album released in 2000 and Happenstance in 2002 which contained mostly covers of other bands such as Black Sabbath. They then changed their focus to their own original work in 2003.

They have since released four albums: All That Remains, Chasing the Grail, Sin and Bones and Do You Wanna Start a War.

The new album starts with the aforementioned Judas which starts out heavy and takes you in with a striking chorus. Judas really catches the ear and gets stuck in your head. It’s a strong opener and sets the tone for the rest of the album.

Drinking with Jesus follows, which is just an overall fun song. It’s a solid rock n’ roll song with powerful riffs and a tight rhythm while it’s nothing groundbreaking it’s a great track nonetheless.

Next track Painless, the tempo is taken down just a tad but it doesn’t take away anything from the song. A solid track which I feel has anthem written all over it.

The first half of Judas is filled with catchy tunes but it does drop off a bit in the middle of the album. Songs like Wordsworth Way and Three Days in Jail just didn’t grab me as much leaving a bit to be desired.

Burn Me Out was a nice pick-me-up with a beat that got my foot tapping and bobbing my head. It has a solid groove running through the track with a darker tone to the overall sound.

The majority of the album has some killer tunes with some that I wouldn’t consider misses but rather they didn’t quite hit the mark with me.

Judas overall is a solid rock album with some great tracks perfect for your playlist.

Video: Fozzy’s video for their single, Judas

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