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Trivium’s The Sin and the Sentence a stunning rarity

American Heavy Metal band Trivium have released their latest album The Sin and the Sentence, the 8th album released by the group, and is the best album to date since the release of Shogun in 2008.

Trivium’s early days had a much thrashier old school sound akin to the likes of bands like Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth. Matt Heafy, the lead vocalist and one of the guitarists of Trivium, has said that Metallica is one his biggest influences as well as that “Without Iron Maiden, Trivium surely wouldn’t exist.” These influences shine clear in their earliest album Ember to Inferno, released 2003, through to In Waves, released in 2011.

With their most recent releases such as Silence in the Snow release just two years ago and now The Sin and the Sentence released just a few days ago, they’ve added some new dynamics to their sound giving them a fresh attack and approach.

They start the new album with The Sin and the Sentence with an intro that’s definitely attention grabbing with a solid rhythmic and melodic attack alternating throughout the song.

Matt starts off with cleans (Clean singing) and if you weren’t sure if he would return with his gritty vocals rest assured they are back and back with that Ascendancy/Shogun feel. Corey Beaulieu, of course, brings his stellar guitar work to the forefront once again with fantastic rhythm support from Paolo Gregoletto, bass, and their latest addition Alex Bent to the drums.

Beyond Oblivion, the second track on the album hits in hard with a much heavier tone emphasised with Matt’s screams and Alex’s blasting drums. The hard-hitting riffs are nicely contrasted with the much calmer chorus.

Going a bit further we get to the song The Heart from your Hate; a rhythmically simple song with a great acoustic piece that builds into the main chunk of the song. It’s catchy, powerful and highlights Matt’s clean vocals nicely and is a very easy listen.

The middle of the album is usually where you’d find most of your filler tracks but The Wretchedness Inside is definitely not filler. This one’s a real headbanger with some killer, harsh vocals and filled with aggressive riffs.

The album finishes off with Thrown into the Fire and it ticks all the boxes, groovy, heavy and melodic with some great solo work from both Matt and Corey. It leaves you wanting more at the end of it. Thrown into the Fire is a perfect exclamation point for The Sin and the Sentence.

I was pleasantly surprised with how this album turned out. Trivium has always put out good albums there’s no doubt about that, but this exceeded all expectations.

This album is filled to the brim with great tracks and it’s one of those rarities that you can listen to its entirety and not find a bad song. If you’re a new listener to Trivium, I’d recommend this to start you off.

The Sin and the Sentence is one of the best albums they’ve released and are sure to get a lot more attention for it.

Video: Trivium’s video for their single, The Sin and the Sentence

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