Is The Walking Dead dead?

The Walking Dead Season 8. Photo credit: Google
The Walking Dead Season 8. Photo credit: Google

The Walking Dead returned to TV screens last Monday with very explosive start to the season, but fans did not return the way they did for the season 7 opener.

Now that it’s been a few days, the final numbers are in from the premiere and it’s not exactly what the producers were hoping for.

Season 7 did not end on a cliffhanger and that would definitely have something to do with it. However, the first episode of Season 8 did, so the ratings are bound to go up.

The premiere of Season 7 drew 17.03 million viewers overall but the premiere of season 8 only drew 11.4 million viewers overall. Going from the trend below it also means that this is the least-watched season premiere of The Walking Dead since season 3 which had 10.8 million viewers on the premiere. Here is the trend below, courtesy of

Season 1:   5.35 million

Season 2:   7.26 million

Season 3:   10.86 million

Season 4:   16.11 million

Season 5:   17.29 million

Season 6:   14.63 million

Season 7:   17.03 million

Season 8:   11.4 million


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