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Review: Monsoon Coffee

If you’re looking for the best coffee at the best price, you need to head down to Monsoon Coffee on the North Shore.

At $5 for 16oz, you’ll be tasting the creamiest, smoothest coffee in Auckland City. Not to mention its prime location, this company also offers drive-through, so you’ll never have to worry about standing around awkwardly for your caffeine fix – you can do it all from the comfort of your car.

My usual order is a flat white, and when I’m telling you this is the best flat white and two sugars I ever had, I’m not lying.

It’s tough to find quality coffee on a student budget. When I pull up to the window in my Toyota with the dings and the scratches and hand over my sticky coins from the floor of my car I get the biggest, warmest smiles and yarns from the lovely ladies at the window. They make my coffee in a blink of an eye while giving the best customer service I have experienced at a coffee-house.

I have dogs, and when I go to get the best coffee ever I feel sorry for my dogs. You can now ask for a ‘Puppacino’ for your furry friend, which consists of fluffy milk and a lot of marshmallows.

If you’re reading this and thinking “I don’t need coffee made for me, I can do it myself,” or “I don’t have the time or the energy to drive there before work every morning”. Well, let me tell you; Monsoon Coffee now offer take-home beans in eight different flavours. Whenever I get a walk-in coffee and don’t use the drive-through, I stand there and smell all the beans, and the aroma is scrumptious.

If you want a sublime coffee experience, head on down to Monsoon Coffee in Wairau Valley, on the corner of Currys Lane.

Shannon McAlpine
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