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Severe weather ravages US

Last week saw severe weather hit most of the United States of America.

140,000 people are still left without power in Carolina and Virginia. This is due to a front of severe thunderstorms that sparked over the two states.

A large tornado was confirmed to cause significant damage in Lynchburg, Virginia damaging buildings, houses, businesses and leaving many without power.

North Carolina also saw tornadoes ravage through the state. A town called Greensboro was one of the few areas that saw this power act of nature.

Lightning has struck the state of Florida. Four were reported injured; while one woman was killed. This is the second death due to lightning in 2018. The victims were at Woodpecker Mug Bog an hour west of Jacksonville when the incident occurred.

Before this carnage of thunderstorms had Florida in flames – as the state saw an abnormally dry weather spell of weather but severe storms did bring relief to firefighters these past few days.

Minneapolis and Greenbay, two of many communities in the north-central area in the U.S.A,  saw blizzards. Minneapolis saw 11.1 inches (28.2 cm) of snow; this is the second most amount of snow recorded – the previous record being 13.6 inches (34.5 cm) set in April 14th, 1983.

Significant amounts of rain hit Central Park in New York. 3.28 inches of rainfall ( 83mm) was recorded by noon. Transit officials insisted the flooding was a street-level problem and resulted in the subway getting flooded.

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